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This page contains links to internet math games, printable math worksheets, family activities, math songs, math books, and teacher links.

Math Links

Math Games on the Internet

A+ Math - online flash cards in addition, subtraction, money

Basket Math - interactive math games in English and Spanish

Let's Count - Math games in English and Spanish.

U.S. Mint Site - coins

PBS Cyberchase - math and science games from the PBS show

Harcourt Math Games - math glossary and games

Tomas & Patty Addition Game "Flying Apple" - from Pearson Education

Tomas & Patty Subtraction Game "Get Slimed!" - from Pearson Education

Funbrain Mathbrain Games - games from Pearson Education

Math Mayhem - Learning addition, subtraction game

Spacey Math - math games

Time Works - clock game

AAA Math for 2nd Grade - simple math games

Kids' Zone - online math quizzes

Interactive Manipulatives at

Math Songs

Family/Home Activities

At Home With Math - Activities for parents and kids to do at home in English and Spanish.

SuperKids math worksheets - Make and print out your own worksheets in addition, subtraction, comparing values, etc.

math worksheets - More free addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division worksheets and answers from S&S Software.

Math Books to Read

A Little Bit of Change by Lucy Floyd

Alexander who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday by Judith Viorst

Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream: A Mathematical Story by Marilyn Burns

Count on Pablo (Math Matters series) by Barbara deRubertis

Math Matters Books by Kane Press

Math Web Sites for Teachers - The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for math and science education

The Math Forum - Drexel University's resources for teaching math

Annenberg/CPB - Free professional development workshops

Marilyn Burns Math Solutions - some lessons