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Here are other links- including on-line reference books, printable worksheets, reading games, science museums, and more teacher reference pages.

Other Links

Room 67/68 News - Our butterfly project 2004


Dictionary - Word Central -Merriam-Webster Kid's Dictionary online

Encyclopaedia Britannica - Online version

World Almanac for Kids - Online version

Fact Monster - Atlas, Almanac, Dictionary, Encyclopedia

El Salvador - from

Guatemala - from

Mexico for Kids - Learn about Mexico, history, government, and more

Pambata – Learn about the Philippines, read folk tales, and more

Time for Kids - online magazine

U.S. Census Bureau - Info about our states

Great Web Sites for Kids - ALA ~American Library Association


Manuscript Writing Practice - print worksheets to practice

Cursive Handwriting Practice - print more worksheets to practice

Mr. Elephant's Matching Game - Learning concentration-style games

Rats! - Games with Rusty the Rat - vowels, nouns and verbs, adverbs and adjectives

Science Links

California Academy of Sciences - San Francisco museums

Earth Day coloring book - Environmental Protection Agency

National Geographic Kids - animals, geography, and more for kids

Natural History Museum Kids - Los Angeles museums at Exposition Park

Ology - American Museum of Natural History New York

Space Place - NASA JPL and Caltech Kids web site

Suzy's World Fact Sheets - Science facts from Suzy Cato's New Zeland TV show

Wild Places - Learn about animal habitats from the World Wildlife Fund.

Sites for Teachers

Kathy Shrock's Guide for Educators - lots of stuff on the web

S.C.O.R.E. - Schools of California Online Resource for Education

Clearinghouse on Reading, English, & Communication - Indiana University School of Education

Cyberbee - web links from the MultiMedia Schools column

Reading - downloadable, printable books